Slo-Pitch is a game of baseball between to teams of 10 players each inning. A regulation game consists of 7 innings. Slo-Pitch is designed to maintain players interest in baseball by offering a skillful, fun and fair game.

Age: 11-16
Game days: Tuesday - Thursday
Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
Innings: 7
Batting: 3 outs
Players: 10
Coaches: 2
Manager: 1
Umpire: 1

How It Works

  • THE GAME:  Slo-Pitch is a game of baseball between two teams of 10 players each inning, however 9 could be adequate if the team is short players. If less than 8 players, the game is forfeited but still played by dividing up the kids evenly and playing fun. Games begin when the umpire calls “Play Ball” A regulation game consists of 7 innings. No full innings will start past the time of 8:15 pm. In the event the umpire terminates the game before the end of 7 complete innings (e.g. Rain) or curfew the score reverts back to the last completed inning. It is to get young people interested in the game of baseball by stressing and maintaining active participation of all players.
  • LINE-UPS: 
       All players with the exception of the Pitcher must ROTATE every inning. There will be No playing the same position twice in the same game. (Unless you are playing with only 9 players.) No player shall sit out a second time before everyone has sat out at least once and no player will sit out 2 consecutive innings. A coin is tossed to decide which team is home. The score keepers get the opposing teams list for scoring. A player must be listed to bat in the same position for each inning they play. All line-up changes must be reported to the score keeper of the opposing team and umpire. Late arrival players will be allowed to play at their arrival. 

For more information regarding Slo-Pitch, Required Equipment and Registration please see the documents below.

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