T-Ball is a game of baseball between two teams of 11 players with sufficient number if alternatives. T-Ball is designed to get young people interested in the game of baseball by teaching them the fundamentals in a fair, fun and safe way.

Age: 5-7
Game Days: Monday and Wednesday
Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
Innings: 5
Batting: Full Team Rotation
Players: 12
Coaches: 2
Manager: 1

How it Works

  • LINE-UPS:   All players will have a turn at bat.  All players play will play on the field with rotating positions every inning. 
  • REGULATION GAME:   (a) Will consist of 5 innings. A full batting cycle will be completed for every inning. No full inning will start past the time of 8:15pm. 
  • DEFENSIVE TEAM:   Shall have a catcher who shall play a position normally taken by the catcher behind the home plate, far enough back to not interfere with the batter while batting. The catcher must control the ball and place the ball on the tee to make the play dead. No TAG is allowed.  Defense coaches must stand in the outfield. 
  • OFFENSIVE TEAM:  Shall have a manager and two coaches in the area. The coaches may coach at first and third bases and must stay in the coaches box at all times. 
  • THE GAME BEGINS:   When the coach has instructed the home team to take positions in the field, position the tee on home plate, calls for a batter up, checks to see everybody has taken their position and call “PLAY BALL”.
  • NOTICE OF LAST BATTER:  The offensive team must tell the coach of last batter. 
  • FINAL PLAY: Is made when the catcher makes the last play by retrieving and placing the ball on the tee at home plate. All players must cross over the scoring line before the catcher places the ball on the tee

For more information about T-Ball and Registration please see the attached documents below.

T-BALL .pdf T-BALL .pdf
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