Blast Ball is a very simple concept utilizing the skills of baseball in a fun, fast-paced activity for young players. Blast Ball teaches five fundamentals of baseball. Designed for new players starting out. With only one base and a foam bat and ball, it is safer and less complex than T-ball.

Age: 3 - 4
Game Days: Monday and Wednesday
Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
Batting: Full Team Rotation
Players: 7
Coaches: 2
Manager: 1

How it works 

  • Two teams: ½ (squad) your team stays with your tee while the ½ of your team goes to the other teams tee.
  • A “mini-game” is played at each tee as per prior agreement (e.g.2 or 3 times through the batting order of each side, 10/15 minutes etc.) until finished where upon one team’s two squads then have to switch playing fields so as to play the second ½ of the other team. After the 2nd mini-game finish back at your tee  for a team practice/wind-up! 
  • Due to 7 player/team split your team up as follows—3 batting, 4 fielding for 10 minutes than switch for another 10 minutes. Then have a mini game with the other team on diamond. 
  • There is no set time the session has to end.  We encourage you to play as long as your players want to continue (within reason) . You continue play and/or practice as long as several players –team(s) – have to leave. Adjust the rotating to suit weather, interest, etc.

For more information on Blastball and Baseball Registration please see the documents below.

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